Laboratory experiments are part of our school science curriculum. Unfortunately, it has been confined to books. What is the current status of science labs in our nation? Do all students have access to laboratory experiences? What changes need to be made to improve science laboratory experiences for school students? How can we, as a parent/teacher, contribute to effective laboratory teaching? Are the science laboratory materials are expensive? How can we answer all these questions? The answer is simple-Laboxd: Curriculum-based science kit which are affordable, easy to use and recommended by science educators, school administrators, policymakers, and parents.

Children learn science through direct experience with the methods and process of inquiry. They learn better when they measure, touch, feel, make charts, manipulate, draw, record data instead of passive recipients of textbook material. The content knowledge like facts, figures, principles, theories and laws can be remembered by students by reading, studying and understanding. However, the process skill or procedural knowledge should be learnt by in-hand experience using the techniques used in science. Several studies exposed that Hands-on experiments help students to encourage their creativity in problem-solving, promote student independence, and improve science attitudes. The science kit not only teaches how to do science experiments but also teaches many life skills. These skills are best educated through hands-on science: activities, experiments, and projects.

A few life skills that science teaches children are safety, planning, questioning, creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, analysis, decision making, flexibility, evaluation etc. Many of these skills can be acquired by using the scientific kit at homeLaboxd science kit allows children to have hands-on experience. By doing and solving the problems, students start trusting their talent and abilities to solve a problem which in turn make them a self-confident person.

Hands-on laboratory experiments in the Laboxd science kit helps in developing cognitive learning skills in students. It will help students to think, to observe, to experiment, and to validate their finding. The experience they receive will make them relate what they discovered back to their resources, such as the text, media, and lecture. So all these laboratory experience will make him/her a skilful and disciplined person.  

A large number of revolutionary discoveries and inventions have been possible through investigations done usually in laboratories. So make your own study table at home a laboratory.