Experiment Gift kit for age below 16 years (9th to 10th)


This fun Experiment Gift kit comprises Premium quality  3 DIY kit and Plasticware, Glassware, Electronics and Lab equipment to make learning fun & enables a deeper understanding of science concepts.

Stern quality testing procedures have been taken on our products to ensure safety while doing experiments.

This Experiment kit can be given as an ideal gift for children who are interested in Science and Science activities.

All the Laboxd products are developed, manufactured and packaged in India.

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 List of DIY kits in the BOX:-

  1. Rutherford model of atom DIY kit with manual
  2. Wireless power transmission DIY kit with manual
  3. Photo resistor activity using Light sensor-- DIY kit with manual
  4. Magnetic field lines using a bar magnet
  5. Glowing an LED using resistor
  6. Series combination of resistors
  7. Parallel combination of resistors
  8. Ph Of Samples: To determine the pH of the given samples using pH paper –pH paper, acids and bases in the kit
  9. Types of Reactions - Combination Water on quicklime---Calcium oxide (quick lime), Test tube, Water
  10. Identification of physical or chemical changes in a reaction: Zinc with dilute sulphuric acid-- Zinc metal, dil. sulphuric acid, red and blue litmus papers, test tube. Take few zinc granules in a test tube. Add about 10 mL of dil. sulphuric acid to zinc granule. Effervescence comes out from the reaction mixture. Bring moist blue and red litmus papers near to the mouth of the test tube.



Suitable for children aged below 16 years (9th to 10th). To be used under the supervision of an adult. Contains some chemicals that present a  health hazard. Read the instructions before use, Follow them as future reference. Avoid contact with chemicals in any part of the body,  especially the mouth and eyes. Keep young children and Animals away from the Experiments. Keep the experiment kit out of reach of children under the age of 9. This kit does not contain safety glasses. The gloves have in the package are manufactured in Natural Latex. Natural Latex can cause allergies.